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Learn the power of investing in high-quality leads. The Demand Marketer’s Guide to the Cost of a Bad Lead.

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We Understand

Chances are, your demand generation team is juggling lead data from multiple vendors, media partners and sources. That means you’re wasting countless hours validating and de-duping data to upload it and have no way of knowing which sources are delivering high-quality leads.

  • Little visibility of media partner success
  • Single-stream sources mean limited range
  • Overly complicated compliance controls

The Way it Should Be

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Marketers are focusing on lead quality over quantity this year

Demand Gen Report, Demand Generation Benchmark Study: Quality Over Quantity Takes Center Stage for Demand Marketers, 2020
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B2B marketers say that getting targeted prospects to engage is one of their biggest challenges in generating new leads

Source: Chief Marketer, 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook, 2018
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B2B marketers say generating the right contacts/stakeholders within target accounts is a top demand gen priority

Source: Demand Gen Report, 2019 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey: Growing Investment Into Revenue Creation Fuels Adoption Of New Tactics & Tech For Campaign Analysis, Account Targeting And Nurture Initiatives, 2019

Lead Gen Marketplace

The Integrate Lead Gen Marketplace offers a powerful platform to tap into the largest global network of 150+ media partners, enabling you to get the right content in front of your target audience.

The Benefits

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Scale and expand

Quickly activate a diverse set of qualified lead providers to reach a broader audience. With a real-time connection to your systems, only valid data makes it to your pipeline.

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Work with the pros

Reach new global audiences with trusted B2B partners. Rely on their deep industry knowledge and expertise to scale with confidence.

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Build campaigns fast

With advanced targeting and campaign customization, you can quickly launch your campaigns and increase your bottom-line impact.

Lead Forms

The Integrate Lead Forms solution validates, standardizes and ensures compliance for all of your inbound leads, automatically. This eliminates any concerns about data quality and enables you to fill your pipeline with high-quality leads, for maximum impact.

The Benefits

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Validate inbound lead data

Ensure leads routing from your inbound forms to your marketing automation or CRM are accurate and intelligent with automatic validation, standardization and enhancement.

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Build and trust confidence

Foster collaboration and trust with your sales team by sending only qualified leads, accelerating revenue through the pipeline.

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Prioritize assets

Use built-in analytics to deliver higher conversion rates and invest in the assets and content types that have the greatest impact and ROI.

Engage an Expert

Boost your lead gen results and strengthen your pipeline.

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The Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform ensures your pipeline is filled with clean, validated data that leads to trusted customer journeys and accelerated revenue.

Build Your Demand Cloud. The Way You Want it.