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Learn how to power up your social demand generation strategy. Read The Enterprise Playbook to Social Lead Generation.

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We Understand

Incomplete and unstandardized lead data can severely limit the impact of your social demand generation efforts. To make matters worse, it can be difficult to track how social leads perform down-funnel in order to optimize your programs.

  • Unstandardized and incomplete data
  • Limited control and flexibility with direct APIs
  • Time-consuming, manual processes
  • Inability to calcuate social performance and ROI

Social Marketing Matters

11% graphic.

B2B marketing budgets spent on social

Source: The CMO Survey, Highlights & Insights Report, 2020
57% graphic.

B2B buyers rely on social media as they navigate new solutions and vendors

Source: Demand Gen Report, 2020 Content Preferences Study, 2020
70% graphic.

B2B marketers use sponsored content on social media

Source: Content Marketing Institute, B2B Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, 2019

Social Integrations

Integrate Social Integrations automatically standardize and validate all social leads before routing them to your systems. By connecting your social platforms to the Integrate Demand Cloud, you gain invaluable insight into social campaign performance so you can optimize spend and build better customer journeys.

The Benefits

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Your data, standardized

Before routing any leads to your systems, choose which fields you want and apply standardization, validation, field mapping and enhancement rules automatically.

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Free up your time

With a fully supported and managed integration, your team can say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheet downloads and manual lead processing.

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Optimize social campaigns

Built-in analytics enable you to understand campaign performance and track how social leads perform down-funnel so you can optimize your return.

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Scale the impact of your social media demand program.

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For B2B marketers, it feels like your social program has lost its way. Or that it lacks impact. Learn how the Integrate Demand Cloud can change that.

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